The Big Press Fallacy

The following is a story about a small business owner who chose his clients over fame. By adopting his attitude, you’ll find relief and certitude in your professional journey (and maybe even more happiness in your life).

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The Secret They Never Tell You About Starting Something New

One of the biggest secrets I’ve learned about small business success revolves around the moment you first get started and it’s one of those things that when you realize you forgot, it’s too late.

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IMG: Justin Santora

When It All Comes Tumbling Down

Starting a business today is arguably easier than it has ever been in the history of mankind. But with the rise of platforms that give us unprecedented exposure to potential fans, clients, and guests comes a sneaky caveat…

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What’s The ROI Of Love?

When we’re trying to build a better business or country or community amidst strong opposing viewpoints, we hear the phrase “finding common ground” a lot. But maybe what we’re actually looking for is love.

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90-seconds Of Powerful Advice

I still cannot believe the 90-second video above only has 100-something views.

Despite your political leanings, you gotta admit this advice by President Obama to a bunch of young political science students is pretty radical.

Focus less on who you want to be

And more on what you want to do.

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This Woman Offers An Entirely New And Brilliant Way To Look At All Your Stuff

Watch this video (above) of Marie Kondo. She’s a Japanese author who has sort of sparked this organizing phenomenon that’s taking over the world.

A friend of mine convinced me to read her book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and having studied economics, I was especially moved by one particular thing that Kondo preaches that relates to all the “stuff” we collect over the years that just takes up space and adds clutter to your life:

She believes that you should only keep things that spark joy.

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How To Lose Yourself In The Moment

I often have discussions with friends and colleagues about happiness: how can we craft our personal and professional lives to get ourselves super excited to wake up each and every morning?

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Getting Intimate On A Studio Set In Vancouver

As we grow, we learn things.

And as we learn things, we typically want to teach them to others.

But when we’re trying to teach them to others, our ability to explain is tested.

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Why We Can All Learn To Communicate Better Using Video

The video above is a short teaser about Ives, an Esperanza graduate who has built his own sustainable lunch business. Over the years I’ve seen the importance and the accessibility of video evolve before my very eyes. Communicating a message can only be so powerful when restricted to words and photos. So I decided it would be worth investing some time and energy to learn how to capture experiences on video.

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I Finally Started A Blog!

Hello family, friends, colleagues, and those of you who I haven’t personally met just yet, I’m Matt! And after getting over the inherent narcissism of launching a blog “all about me,” I decided to begin sharing my day-to-day experiences with others.

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