How To Lose Yourself In The Moment

I often have discussions with friends and colleagues about happiness: how can we craft our personal and professional lives to get ourselves super excited to wake up each and every morning?

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Getting Intimate On A Studio Set In Vancouver

As we grow, we learn things.

And as we learn things, we typically want to teach them to others.

But when we’re trying to teach them to others, our ability to explain is tested.

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Why We Can All Learn To Communicate Better Using Video

The video above is a short teaser about Ives, an Esperanza graduate who has built his own sustainable lunch business. Over the years I’ve seen the importance and the accessibility of video evolve before my very eyes. Communicating a message can only be so powerful when restricted to words and photos. So I decided it would be worth investing some time and energy to learn how to capture experiences on video.

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I Finally Started A Blog!

Hello family, friends, colleagues, and those of you who I haven’t personally met just yet, I’m Matt! And after getting over the inherent narcissism of launching a blog “all about me,” I decided to begin sharing my day-to-day experiences with others.

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