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Hello family, friends, colleagues, and those of you who I haven’t personally met just yet, I’m Matt! And after getting over the inherent narcissism of launching a blog “all about me,” I decided to begin sharing my day-to-day experiences with others.

Matt LandauBecause my interests, hobbies, and lines of work are so strangely varied, several friends suggested this might be a fun place to “connect” the different circles and themes in which I run.

When I see something that’s not working or something that is broken…I feel this weird need inside of me to fix it.

And in purchasing this domain name and sharing with you the problems — both big and small, ugly and beautiful — that I am trying to solve, I hope to give context and perhaps share what I learn.

Feel free to sign up to receive my latest posts or to use the comments area to shout out from wherever you happen to be.

Oh, and if you liked the video above featuring “a day in my life,” it was filmed by Trent Bayless and we shared all the behind-the-scenes strategy here.

About the Author Matt Landau

I enjoy life and creating unique experiences for myself, my neighbors and friends, and my clients. When I wake up each morning, happiness and a meaningful contribution to those around me act as the framework for how I shape my day.

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Diala Taneeb says July 14, 2016

Hello Matt,

I hope you’re doing well. I was doing some research about well-known Airbnb listings and I found your article “REVEALED: Airbnb’s 3-Step Plan To Enter The Vacation Rental Market.” I really enjoyed it – very engaging.

I actually recently made an infographic about how to create a famous Airbnb investment property and I thought you might be interested in seeing it, given that you’ve written about Airbnb.

Let me know if you’d like to take a look at the infographic, and I’d be happy to send it over.

Thank you!

Rick DuRapau says January 11, 2017

Hello Matt, I’ve been on VRBO for about 18 years. I used to love them, but not so much anymore. A while back, i sat down to do some research on my 10 year old, self made website because my son made fun of it. I am an inventor/product designer by trade, so as per usual, I started off the upgrade with some research about current practices, etc.

Boy, I was stunned by how mad everybody is. It turned out to be quite the visionquest, and about 100 hours later, I “invented” a better way to do VR…I think. It could be a major redo on VR…I think. I’m now pitching the idea investors.

Since you really don’t have a dog in the hunt (i.e. a competing company), but are the single most knowledgeable hunter I found out there in my search, I was wondering if you might be interested in hearing about my idea?

Rick DuRapau

Joel Sommer says February 7, 2017

Hi Matt, my niece Sarah I will be visiting Panama and Costa Rica in a few weeks. Your Dad you could advise her as to what to do. What is best way to reach you. Joel Sommer

Jill Mettemeyer says March 22, 2018

Just watched the Anna Maria Island piece. I want back in. Can you just reinstate me. You are exactly what I need to make my investments fun again through these challenging marketing times. I can’t find you contact info but sure you will get this. Jill Mettemeyer, 913-284-6360

Carmela says June 24, 2019

Just signed up for your emails! Looking forward to learning from your experiences and transferring that knowledge to my clients. Also points for living in Panama! Extra points for living in Casco Viejo! I’m Panamanian living in South Florida and I’m always trying to get people to visit Panama. Hope you had a chance to check out the Panama Mural Festival in May.

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