The video above is a short teaser about Ives, an Esperanza graduate who has built his own sustainable lunch business. Over the years I’ve seen the importance and the accessibility of video evolve before my very eyes. Communicating a message can only be so powerful when restricted to words and photos. So I decided it would be worth investing some time and energy to learn how to capture experiences on video.

Fortunately, I am surrounded by fascinating subjects and inspiring landscapes.

So really just learning angles and lighting (for now) is my practice-base.

As an example, here’s one of Central America’s most famous chefs (Manolo from Manolo Caracol) showing me hydroponic baby celery at his organic farm in Pedasi:

[thrive_borderless type=’custom_code’ position=’default’][/thrive_borderless] For the most part, I’m in the beginner phase: filming things that are interesting or beautiful or crazy (with no real context around them) in short teasers. All shot with my iPhone 6 and then edited with the iMovie app. But to begin telling more cohesive stories, here’s my foray: I made the following ‘short film’ about an Esperanza graduate Alexis Quintero and his son in an effort to get his new business (electrician services) more business by showing the greater scope of his personal transformation: [thrive_borderless type=’custom_code’ position=’default’][/thrive_borderless]

I feel that video is most certainly the way of the future.

And those of us who can begin telling stories and communicating ourselves clearly on video now…will have a head start on things to come.

Looking forward to sharing my progress as it evolves!