I have been working as an entrepreneur, documenting my advice and experiences now since 2006. So I thought it might be fun to gather together some of my favorite blog posts and features. They’re fun to look back on and may inspire you to do something exciting.

My Favorite Blog Posts

Nothing Stops A Bullet Like A Job: This post is all about the 1-year anniversary of one of our first former-gang member businesses, a tour company called Fortaleza Tours. It was a special night for everyone involved.

We Don’t Come From University, But The Streets Taught Us Many Things: This explains a currency that we invented here in Casco Viejo called “Buenas Obras” or Good Deeds. They were designed to reward neighborhood clean-up efforts, but quickly spun into something much much bigger.

Change in Casco Viejo: Living in a developing neighborhood, it’s hard not to ignore that some people can seize opportunity to be part of change and others choose not to. In this piece, I tried to encapsulate my feelings about gentrification as the home next to our hotel (at the time) was evicted and rendered empty literally overnight.

My Favorite Press Features

Gang Members Find a Future in Panama: The world of gang intervention is very sensitive and so you can’t always show what you experience or tell the full stories to the public. This piece is the culmination of nearly 2 years of work with a photographer named Darren who I have come to consider a close friend. He has the gift of capturing moments in time for which I am eternally grateful.

Panama City Rising: This was very much the article that “got it all started.” They say that when you’re featured in The New York Times the first time, everything changes. Other publications come calling, clients start flocking, and business has a domino effect from there. I can definitely point at this article by Tim Neville (now a good friend) as that tipping point.

These Guys Turned From Gangsters Into Tour Guides: I like the way Tim captured the essence of the hustle in Esperanza. I also like the line, “Landau, who now spends half his day WhatsApping with former gang bangers.”

The Neighborhood Evolving Without The G-Word: Afar magazine is a thought-leading publication and I like the way they described our neighborhood and the unique way we are doing things.

Panama City Revival: This piece from the Chicago Tribune was instrumental in getting attention to our work with Esperanza back in 2013. It also features my alma matter of University of Richmond.