I still cannot believe the 90-second video above only has 100-something views.

Despite your political leanings, you gotta admit this advice by President Obama to a bunch of young political science students is pretty radical.

Focus less on who you want to be

And more on what you want to do.

This theme is something I’m noticing lately more and more about successful people and ideas.

Here are some iterations on the concept:

  • Focus less on goals and more on the qualities needed to achieve those goals
  • Focus less on the transaction and more on the relationship
  • Focus less what you’ll do when you retire and more on doing those things (in some dosage) right now
  • Focus less on arguing for the outcome “to win” and more on discussing for convergent thinking (exploration, discovery, insight…etc.)

Just a counter-intuitive trend I’ve been noticing around a lot lately.

Is it just me or are we onto something?