What’s The ROI Of Love?


When we’re trying to build a better business or country or community amidst strong opposing viewpoints, we hear the phrase “finding common ground” a lot. But maybe what we’re actually looking for is love.

Finding common ground suggests tolerance, which is a word I reject because it’s a lazy way of being that implies…

I’m just going to stomach your right to be different and hey, if you disappear from the equation I’m no better or worse off.

Building things and leading teams with love is much harder because you become more vulnerable. You are much more prone to break. And you very well may fail.

But I’ve gotta think the ROI of love — that difficult challenging road — will always be greater than any cynical outlook that demands short term results.

About the Author Matt Landau

I enjoy life and creating unique experiences for myself, my neighbors and friends, and my clients. When I wake up each morning, happiness and a meaningful contribution to those around me act as the framework for how I shape my day.

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