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We’ll Take The UHaul

When booking my trip to Hawaii, the rental cars were $500/day so we opted for a UHaul.

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I Moved To Miami: The Epicenter!

I relocated to Miami Beach last month and the response from every friend, colleague, and client was, “Why?”  Not “oh how interesting, I’d love to learn Why?”  More like “are

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The Pole Vault

Below I am going to explain a bit more about this Pole Vaulting and how it can benefit your business.   Nowadays, we small business owners have tons of tools at our disposal. The little tools allow

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The Manufactured Deadline

IDEA: Manufacturing a deadline for any big project (if treated seriously) will challenge you to go beyond your perceived best and fulfill new levels of potential. I had a big pitch — asking for

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The Logic Chain (aka. Keystone Theory)

In both business and personal spheres, I’ve noticed that the most successful people seem to be the ones who can get those with opposing or unrealistic viewpoints to adopt new understandings and grow. The

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The Big Press Fallacy

The following is a story about a small business owner who chose his clients over fame. By adopting his attitude, you’ll find relief and certitude in your professional journey (and maybe even more

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Starting Something New

One of the biggest secrets I’ve learned about small business success revolves around the moment you first get started and it’s one of those things that when you realize you forgot, it’s

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When It All Comes Tumbling Down

Starting a business today is arguably easier than it has ever been in the history of mankind. But with the rise of platforms that give us unprecedented exposure to potential fans, clients, and guests comes

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90-seconds Of Powerful Advice

I still cannot believe the 90-second video above only has 100-something views. Despite your political leanings, you gotta admit this advice by President Obama to a bunch of young political science students

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This Woman Offers An Entirely New And Brilliant Way To Look At All Your Stuff

Watch this video (above) of Marie Kondo. She’s a Japanese author who has sort of sparked this organizing phenomenon that’s taking over the world. A friend of mine convinced me to read her book

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